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Agus Burton


I started my Yoga path in Argentina  when after a personal crisis, I needed to find myself again. After practicing I felt a mental calm and peace that I had not known before. It was then that I discovered the benefits of yoga, and not only in the  mat, began to transform little by little into everything.
When I arrived in Barcelona, the practice and study of philosophy gained more space and it became my lifestyle. I started in Reiki, Thai Massage
and I gave myself to the practice of Vinyasa
  in Jivamukti.

Yoga gave me tools to get to know myself,  accept myself and relate better to people. The more I learned, the more  I wanted to share it  And that is how I found my mission: to be a vehicle so that others can also know the life of the yogi. That is why I decided to carry out  my first teacher  of Hatha vinyasa in Mandiram Yoga to turn my passion  in a professional vocation  and there I confirmed my decision.

Today in my classes I offer a space of self-knowledge, delivery and connection. Putting the accent on working on each part that makes us up: body, mind and spirit, to be in harmony with ourselves and with everyone around us.  "I know love  that  you want to see in the world ".

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