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Tue, 14 Mar



3 Day Prana Vashya Intensive with Yogacharya Vinay Kumar from Mysore

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3 Day Prana Vashya Intensive with Yogacharya Vinay Kumar from Mysore
3 Day Prana Vashya Intensive with Yogacharya Vinay Kumar from Mysore

Horario y ubicación

14 Mar 2023, 07:00 – 16 Mar 2023, 17:00

Barcelona, Via Augusta, 165, local, 08021 Barcelona, España


Acerca del evento

3 Day Prana Vashya Intensive with Yogacharya Vinay Kumar from Mysore, India

The great Indian Yoga teacher Vinay Kumar, creator of the Prana Vashya Yoga Shala in Mysore, is coming to Barcelona for the first time. During the 3 day Intensive he will teach his signature Prana Vashya dynamic vinyasa sequence, Pranayama as well as his renowned Backbending class.Prana means breath, considered as a life-giving force. Vashya means capable of being subdued, controllable, governable. And the term dynamic means to be in constant change or action. 

At Prana Vashya Yoga, the emphasis is on the synchronization in between movement and breath and the control over both. Throughout the practice, the practitioner is taught precise breathing techniques which are accompanied with each movement, be it staying in a particular position or asana or moving in or out of it. This harmony between breath and movement can only be achieved by concentrating on the balance in between both the elements.

Breath, Body and Mind are the three cornerstones of Prana Vashya Yoga. Vinay Kumar focuses on supporting students and practitioners of Yoga across all levels and helping the understand the importance of breathing. The practice aims to regulate the balance in between the mind and the body using the breath as its tool. With constant and relevant connection between the mind and the body an individual can develop a capacity to relax the mind through the mind’s Pranic power.  Don’t miss the opportunity to meet a real Yoga master. All levels are welcome, practitioners will be challenged on individual level. 

The Intensive consists of three classes a day: the practice of Prana Vashya Vinyasa sequences and Pranayama early morning and Backbending in the afternoon. To benefit from the full spectrum of Yogacharya Vinay Kumar's teachings, it is highly recommended to take part in the full program. Both the morning and the afternoon classes, as well as the Pranayama practice complement and build upon each other.

Prana Vashya Vinyasa

Learning and developing the sixty asana Prana Vashya Yoga primary series including understanding and perfecting the relationship of breath to asana practice.

Chanting & Pranayama

Emphasizing the importance of perfection in Sthithi (position) and Drishti (vision). The practitioner will be introduced to basic non-retention, basic retention or advance level of Pranayama practice depending upon their capacity and involvement. Every class starts by chanting of Bhagavad Gita or Yoga Sutras.

Backbending A unique and highly specialized package which provides a safe yet dynamic development in flexibility. The course helps the practitioner learn to perform advanced and demanding postures with increased flexibility and ease.


Prana Vashya 07:00 - 09:00 AM

Pranayama 09:15 - 10:15 AM

Backbending 03:30 - 05:30 PM


Full Workshop: 225€

Only Mornings: 150€

Only Backbenig Workshops: 150€


14-16 March 2023

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