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Fri, 25 Sept


Hara yoga studio

Yoga Sutras, Pranayama & OSHO meditations with Vidyadhara & Nieves

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Yoga Sutras, Pranayama & OSHO meditations with Vidyadhara & Nieves
Yoga Sutras, Pranayama & OSHO meditations with Vidyadhara & Nieves

Horario y ubicación

25 Sept 2020, 18:30 – 27 Sept 2020, 18:00

Hara yoga studio, Via Augusta, 165, 08021 Barcelona, Spain

Acerca del evento


Learn to live in Your purest state; BEING-SEEING-KNOWING

OSHO Meditations


Various PRANAYAMA Techniques.

ASANA with Nieves


Samadhipada is the way to find One's natural state of being whereas Sadhanapada is the way to come out of unnatural way of living.

  Ashtanga Yoga is not step by step method but a multi dimensional approach to simultaneously purify body, energy, senses, relationship with oneself and with others.

"Simply do what Patanjali says and the result bound to happen– it is just like two plus two become four; it is just like you heat water up to one hundred degrees and it evaporates. No belief is needed; you simply do it and know . Patanjali brought religion to the status of a science. Yoga has nothing to do beliefs.Yoga says' Experience ".

Yoga has highest purpose for one's life. Yes it is most meaningful practice to be healthy, to remain fit. But Yogasutras is the essence of sacred guidance of ancient Hindu sages called Upanishads. It is timeless wisdom, through which it is possible to arrive at a stateless state of compassion, all loving and everlasting blissfulness. It is a systematic method to letting go all the acquired conditionings. It is way of life to remove ignorance, fear, greed, forgetfulness and resistance by finding all pervading consciousness, intelligence and wisdom "


Pranayama has the potential to turn our stressful living into relaxed wholesome state of being.

Let's learn various Pranayama- bastrika, kapalabati, tribandh, Ujjayi, anulom vilom, bhramari and purify our disorderly shallow breathing pattern. Let's be available to world of prana shakti by returning to natural, soothing, childlike breathing. 


Meditative state is very essential for choice less listening, unbiased seeing, proper understanding in both spiritual pursuits and in day today living. Arriving at no-thought state is fundamentals of knowing oneself, for which we do various meditation techniques designed by OSHO and other Masters-Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Sarvasar Meditation, Tibetan healing Meditation, Sufi Meditation, Learning in relationship meditation.

These consciously selected techniques helps to undone impurities of physical, psychological and emotional center which in turn reveal impersonal state of being.


We will learn all these, by being playful, non serious, laughing, dance, celebration, silence and devotion. Let's treat our body, mind and soul most naturally :)



Vidyadhara Venugopal's spiritual practice has begun in his childhood, when he was listening and reciting Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and various Mantras, Sutras under guidance of his grandfather. Venugopal was initiated to 'Bharma Upadesha' at the age of 13

* I have joined Rishi Samskruti vidya Kendra for 6 years to pursue Dhyan, Yoga and Pranayam. Since then he has been practicing them. 

* Osho graciously came in to his life in 1987. 

* He met his life transforming Spiritual Master Swami Chaitanya Bharti, now called as 'Whosoever' in 2004. ( ) Whosoever was one among the six, the first ever batch of taking sanyas from Osho in 1969. When Osho stopped conducting meditation camps, He appointed Whosoever to conduct the camps on His behalf in 1974.  He graciously accepted Venugopal as his disciple and initiated him in to Osho Sanyas and offered the name Vidyadhara. He compassionately poured His grace, consciousness and wisdom to vidyadhara Venugopal by keeping him in his physical presence  Since 2004

* Vidyadhara was a well established professional attorney at Law, after attending 2nd 40 days intense secluded meditation retreat conducted by his master in 2006, has once for all left all his worldly activities and completely dedicated himself to spiritual search and Karma yoga. 

* Vidyadhara is the founder, creator and Managing trustee of Osho-Allama Insight Foundation Trust  and Ashram namely OSHO SANNIDHI in Mysore since the year 2004 ( ) wherein hundreds of seekers participate in residential meditation / yoga retreats for 3days / 8days / 10days. Vidyadhar's retreats are non-serious, playful, full of laughter but utmost sincere. He is simple, friendly, authentic, spontaneous, relay not on books but to one's own vast experience


Friday 25 September: 18:30 - 20: 00h

Saturday 26 September: 8 am to 12: 00h / 14:00 - 17: 00h

Sunday 27 September: 8 am to 12: 00h 



- The schedules are those that appear on the page.

- It is the obligation of every student to abide by all the relevant safety rules and to operate within our facilities with due care and safety, Hara Yoga Studio and teachers are not responsible for any injury or illness.

- If you dont have made the payment the place will not be reserved, you can do it directly in our center (Vía Augusta 165, BCN) or bank transfer, do not forget to add the name of the participant, name of the event and name of the workshop, remember to send your voucher to our email:


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