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I started on the Yoga path driven by an inner personal search 4 years ago. When I decide to do the Teacher Training in New York, where I lived at that time. Having always worked with children teaching English through the garden and outdoor activities, I decide to specialize in Children and Adolescents in this new world that was sweeping for me. I trained, in Yoga Haven: Kids Yoga Training, Mindful Schools:  Yoga and Mindfulness in schools, Little Flower Yoga:  Meditation for Teens, in Westchester, New York.

I think the opportunities are there, you just have to choose them and make them flourish and bear fruit.

Nowadays, back in Barcelona, I dedicate my time to educate children and adolescents towards a path of personal acceptance, to be present in everything they do and to know the benefits of Yoga from a young age.

Love & Light

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