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I am Marie a Jivamukti Yoga teacher.
I started practicing yoga at the age of 21 as a tool to overcome the stress and intensity of my creative career in Landscape Architecture.

My first yoga class was a revelation: I could feel my body and mind rediscovering something deeply rooted in me since forever.

I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga and Rocket yoga, but living in Scotland I fell in love with Jivamukti. Since then I have dedicated myself to this very holistic method forever. I love that it is an intense and rigorous physical practice, but that it also encompasses and vindicates the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga.

I have lived in Athens, Paris, Edinburgh and Barcelona and every time I travel, I try to practice with the international community of Jivamukti, a true cross-cultural group of shared values.

Realize my dream by completing the 300h Jivamukti Apprenticeship with Maria Macaya as a mentor.
Illustrator landscaper, I see yoga as an opportunity to creatively reinvent more compassionate relationships with the global ecosystem and all the beings that share it. I also work as an artistic director for the Radika Foundation, which proposes informed yoga as a complementary therapy to treat mental disorders and addictions.

It is an honor to share the power of the Jivamukti method with the belief that it will transform your relationship with yourself and with others. I try to create a space where my students can meet again and leave classes happier, safer and more compassionate.

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