More and more people are practicing yoga. If you are a beginner, you should not worry because at Hara Yoga Studio we offer the best classes for you. In your first class, you will realize
of all the advantages that yoga has and, once you start, you will not want to stop practicing.


18:15 - 19:30  /  Basic Hatha with Laura  


19:30 - 20:45  / Hatha Raja with Valentina


14:15 - 15:15  / Hatha Raja with Valentina

19:30 - 20:45  /  Yin Yoga with Bety  


18:15 - 19:30  / Hatha Vinyasa with Elise


19:30 - 20:45  /  Yin Yoga with Bety

In the Basic Hatha classes you will learn the different yoga postures for beginners and, after a few days, you will notice that you are more relaxed and that your body begins to tone up.  


In the classes for beginners we work on the mother postures, those basic postures that, later on, when you have more experience in this discipline, will help you to do more complex exercises.


Among the asanas (postures) that you will learn in your initiation to yoga you will find a meditation technique, the cat, the dog looking down, the warrior or the child. These postures are not very difficult to do and do not require large movements or that we force the body, both adults and children can do them.

With all these advantages, What are you waiting for to start your sessions in Hara Yoga?

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