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Bety is passionate about yoga, nature and traveling. During the  last  six  years  has lived in the southeast  Asian  and Australia, places where he has had the opportunity to develop his career and his love for yoga and  meditation.  

Study and graduate in Hatha- Vinyasa Yoga  and reiki in Thailand. In Australia he had the opportunity to train with different teachers, graduating in restorative yoga and Yin Yoga: his great  passion; in Yin yoga I found what  Really  He sought as a yogini: to know himself internally and calm his mind using the asanas to reach the body / mind, instead of using the body / mind to reach the asanas.

Bety considers herself an eternal student and enjoys learning from both her students and their teachers, while exploring and deepening the philosophy of yoga day by day.

Its main objective is to help students create a safe space of well-being at the level  physical, mental and  spiritual, that yoga helps them to live more calm and happy, always  working from proximity and adapting the  practice  to the needs of each student.

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