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I was born and raised in Rome  (Italy)  where I lived until I was 19 years old. At that age  I started traveling because  I wanted to discover what was 'out there'. I studied, worked and lived in magical Prague for 10 years and I  i graduated  at the Academy of Film and Television  (FAMU) and then I worked  in the industry for several years.

In Vancouver (Canada) I discovered the power and beauty of living in a community, where people share the same values and I learned what it means to be committed to respecting and preserving this planet.

With almost  30 years I returned to Rome. In 2005, I became a mother and since then I have chosen not to return to the stressful pace of the film industry. So yoga came into my life  I was ready for it.

In 2007, I met my first Jivamukti teacher: Yogeswari. I heard a yoga sutra for the first time and was mesmerized: YOGASH CITTAVRTTI NIRODAH (Yoga is the cessation of identification with the fluctuations of the mind).  It was all he needed to know!

Since then, I have felt a strong desire to deepen my practice and knowledge of this philosophy. As my teachers always say: 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears'. And so it has been for me.

Two years later Sharon Gannon and David Life gave a workshop in Rome, from then on I walked the Jivamukti trail until 2011 when I was blessed to take the JIVAMUKTI TEACHER TRAINING course with my dear gurus. A full month of incredible work, joy, laughter, sweat… and tears.

It has been a life changing experience on several different levels. Walking the path of liberation is possible HERE AND NOW.

Since my graduation as a Jivamukti teacher, I have been teaching in and around Rome while traveling to India to further my studies also at other yoga institutions such as Sivananda Yoga Ashram at Neeyar Dam South India. I assisted advanced Jivamukti teachers and Sharon Gannon during a workshop she gave in Rome in 2012 for the presentation of her book 'Yoga & Vegetarianism'. The Enlightenment diet.

In March 2016, I passed the Advanced Board Exam and obtained the Jivamukti Board Advanced Certification.

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