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What does it mean  Yoga?

Yoga seeks to quiet the mind. A) Yes  like the water of a still lake  reflects things as they are, the effect of calming the mind helps us to see things clearly and to be more at peace and in  connection with ourselves.

Yoga cultivates body, mind and soul. Yoga practice seeks the union between body, mind and soul through the practice of asanas  (postures), pranayama (breath control),  pratyahara (control of the senses),  dharana (concentration) and dhyana ( meditation).  

The benefits of yoga

The practice of yoga gives us strength and favors  mobility of our bones and joints ,  relieving pain and tension. In yoga classes, we connect  with our breath and  we achieve a feeling of well-being.

Hatha yoga con Ian Lewis en Hara yoga Barcelona

This style of  yoga  is a great introduction to the basics , with a classic approach to postures and breathing techniques

Astaga yoga en hara yoga barcelona

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga  fluid and dynamic, in which the  asanas are linked to each other through various movements,  vinyasas , with synchronized breathing.

Iyengar yoga en hara yoga barcelona

The Iyengar method emphasizes the work of asanas and the regulation of pranayama as basic aspects of the practice, characterizing  by correct body alignment.

yin yoga en hara yoga barcelona

Unlike the more dynamic styles of yoga, the goal of Yin Yoga is not to strengthen or engage the muscles , but to relax them .

jivamukti yoga en hara yoga barcelona

A typical class incorporates the five principles of Jivamukti:

shastra (scripture) bhakti (devotion) ahimsa (kindness) nada (music) dhyana (meditation)

dharma yoga en hara yoga barcelona

Dharma Yoga is a devotional practice that emphasizes non-violence, promotes the well-being of all beings equally, and encourages self-realization through self-study.


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